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Misc Bugs, Chipwits 2 v .9992

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:18 am    Post subject: Misc Bugs, Chipwits 2 v .9992 Reply with quote

Hey I'm back.

I just installed the latest version of Chipwits 2, and I thought I'd better get started writing down some of these bugs before I forget them.

These are all version .9992

Indecisive Air Install

When I tried to install Chipwits 2, Adobe AIR said that it was unable to complete the install, and reccomended I try downloading a new version of AIR and trying again. Then Chipwits 2 loaded, seemingly normally?

This also happened the last time I tried to get Chipwits 2, and before that I didn't have AIR at all, the installer on your page was the one who gave me AIR.

Super-slow 3D

The 3D mode is incredibly slow and choppy, and causes the IBOL panel interface to operate incredibly slowly as well. Even the glowing square that highlights a chip glows very slowly. It always loads up in 3D mode so that's kind of annoying too.w

These are my computer stats:
CPU: Celeron(R) CPU 2.8GHZ
RAM: 2.00 GB of RAM
3D CARD: nVidia GeForce7800GS, 256mb onboard RAM
SOUND: RealTek AC'97
OS: Windows XP Pro
DIRECTX: DirectX 9c

Super-slow IBOL Interface

This is a big one. The interface for dragging, selecting, and moving IBOL chips is painfully slow. To first pick up a chip off the pallete takes a noticable moment of holding the mouse button down and waiting for it to be 'picked up'. When a chip is placed or an arrow is clicked, it takes a whole second for the action to occur. When it does, the graphics flash, leaving only the background for a moment as the page is redrawn. At the same time, I noticed the music changes every time I do this.

I think it might be re-loading the entire level every time I interact with the IBOL board.

Flickering 3D Button

This is just annoying. Whenever I hover my mouse over the 3D button, an info-box pops up and starts to flicker on and off really fast. The button also flickers from the up and down positions quickly. It's like I'm pulling my mouse on and off of it really quickly. The 2D button, by comparison, doesn't pop up the info box for a whole second after I hover the mouse cursor over it.

I'd guess the timers are mis-set for the appearance of the pop-up box, but that doesn't explain the flickering, only the swiftness of reaction.

Exiting About Screen

When I decided to log all of these bugs I opened the About screen to check the version number. It has a small "Play" button in the lower right corner. I just tried to close the window, since I was already playing. You might want to change that to 'return'.

Graphics Glitches

The Chipwit graphic disappears for a moment between transitions. Shouldn't there always be a chipwit graphic displayed in any orientation? Also the Zap animation always seems to play after the monster plays it's blown up animation. There should be a delay so that the monsters blow up after being zapped, not before.

Two Windows

What's the idea with the two seperate windows, anyway? I've never seen a program do that before. It's even got two entries in the program tray on the bottom of the screen, ChipWits II: Workshop and ChipWits Mission Gadget. This is a bit unwieldy. Sometimes it feels like the two aren't connected at all. I can't say it's specifically 'wrong' but I don't understand this design decision. I liked the classic version where the maze and the coding page were on the same window. Going back to the retro version on the C-64, it always felt like I was pulling open the outer casing and tinkering with the chips inside. Now they feel disconnected.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Sorry you are having problems with the new version of the game.

3D animation is too demanding for your processor. I will make sure the program saves the fact that you prefer 2D and starts up in that mode.

Does the IBOL editing work more quickly when you are in 2D mode?

Don't know what to say about the 2 window comments. We've had mostly positive reaction to it.

Keep in touch.

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PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 12:07 am    Post subject: Time delay of events in Zap For Food Reply with quote

First off......OH MY GOD I LOVED THIS GAME AS A KID! This is how I learned to program (no joke)!!! I am sooooo looking forward to an eventual full release...and am now dedicated to playing the beta so that I can help bug-hunt for you.

Also as part of 9992 release (just installed on a MacBook Pro running 10.6).

In level 7, "Zap For Food" I have the IBOL program set to ZAP - SKATE FORWARD - PICKUP. This works fine in single step mode but fails in automatic mode because it times itself and loops too back to the ZAP (blowing the pie slice up). However, further regression finds that this only occurs in 3D mode and not in 2D mode.
I've noticed a similar race condition with SKATE RIGHT 45 and PICKUPs. The PICKUP action takes time and the chipwit is already moving on to the next action before it has completed the PICKUP

Can't seem to understand the need for a 2D or 3D mode.
SPIN CONTROL doesn't seem to work.
When starting a mission, the chipwit's comments (in the workshop window) cover up the title and goal of the mission. The only way I could figure to get these hints to go away was to keep changing the glasses/body/shoe style of my chipwit.

Anyway......I'll keep banging on it....great to see this game revived.
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